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To download a membership application form please click below:

Battlefield Region AACA Application 


If you would like to save the file to your PC right click on the link above or you may print this page.

Battlefield Region AACA Membership Application & Information

NOTE: Ownership of antique or classic automobiles is not required to join.  All auto enthusiasts are welcome!


Total annual AACA Regional and National membership dues are $60.00.  Local Battlefield Region AACA dues are $20.  National AACA dues are $45.  Membership in both is required.

You may join the National AACA at the following link:


National AACA Application


You may pay both your local and AACA dues by making your check payable to Battlefield Region for both the


National and Regional dues.  Submit your completed National AACA application National AACA Application and the Regional AACA application below and we will forward your national application and dues to the National AACA.  You will receive membership cards from them shortly.


If you are a CURRENT PAID member of the National AACA, please provide us with your membership number and submit your regional dues of only $20 to join the Battlefield Region AACA.


Dues and applications should be sent to:
Battlefield Region AACA
PO Box 681134
Franklin, TN 37068-1134

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